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China Chemical New Materials Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CCNM") was founded in August 2015 by China National Chemical Corporation through integrating its assets.

As the foundation and pioneer of high and new technology, new chemical materials are important basic materials for the development of information, aviation, aerospace, energy, biology, automobile, construction, medicine and other fields related to the national economy with a broad industry development prospect. There are dozens of production and development bases of organic silicon, fluororubber, methionine, metallurgical solar grade polysilicon and other high-tech products with high added value. Among them, methionine production ranks second in the world, organic silicone production ranks third in the world, PBT resin production scale ranks first in Asia, and fluororubber, chloroprene rubber, epoxy resin production ranks first in the country.

Since the establishment, CCNM has focused on improving the quality of assets operation through the adjustment and optimization of assets structure. Besides, it has made the overcapacity business orderly exit. In addition, it has formed effective enterprise norms which has made effective work progress and laid a solid foundation for its healthy development and the goal of becoming a leading competetive domestic integrated solution provider of chemical new materials in terms of technology, management and profitability, who has built an excellent management team, introducted the industry best practice, promoted the management and business changes.