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[Group]China Sam Enterprise Group Hold the 2020 “Aim High and Forge Ahead to A Prosperous Future" Theme Event

2020-09-24 01:17:51
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From September 6th to 7th, 2020, the "Aim High and Forge Ahead to A Prosperous Future" 2020 theme event was successfully held by China Sam Enterprise Group (hereinafter referred to as “Sam Group”) in the new office of Sam Group and Oriental Grand Hyatt Hotel. The leaders of Sam Group and various sub-groups (companies) and employee representatives from all over the country participated in this event.

The theme event was consisted of business forums and housewarming celebration. As the highlight of this event, the forums ran through the two days of September 6th and 7th, focusing on the LNG business sector, civil aviation manufacturing sector, trade service sector and energy project investment and financing sector respectively.

In recent years, Sam Group has made considerable progress in these four business sectors. In view of the development trends in these sectors and the opportunities and challenges faced in the future, Sam Group colleagues gathered at the forum and conducted enthusiastic discussions in an open and inclusive atmosphere. Everyone brainstormed future development and innovation, and provided new ideas for the further development in terms of various business sectors.

The housewarming celebration focused on highlighting the cultural vitality of Sam Group, indicating five cultural features of "Cultural Sam, Powerful Sam, Philanthropic Sam, Happy Sam, “Harmonious Sam", and promoted the “family culture” of the group. By reviewing the common growth and development process of Sam Group and its subsidiaries, everyone expressed excitement and congratulations to the group's achievements, especially the expansion of new business and the launch of major projects in the past year, and the smooth relocation of the group.

The celebration strengthened the understanding between the members of the Sam Group family and brought each other closer through the witty and personalized team introduction and games. The talent show created by the employees fully demonstrated the positive and optimistic spirit of Sam Group members. The whole celebration was brilliant and left a beautiful and unforgettable memory for every Sam Group member.

The successful holding of this theme event made every Sam Group member fully realize the belief of "walk side by side until old ages" that expressed the envision of Sam Group, and made people deeply feel the strong cultural atmosphere of Sam Group family. It is believed that in the future, Sam Group people will, as always, uphold the enterprise spirit of "responsibility, exploration, cooperation and sharing", work hard to promote the realization of Sam Group's vision of being "committed to becoming the most influential enterprise group", and jointly forge the Centennial industrial foundation of the brand of Sam Group.