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Learning-oriented Sam Group | Sam Group held experience sharing seminar on corporate culture implementation

2020-10-29 02:58:47
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In the age of media integration, the idea of "the content could draw attention and the culture would represent brand" has become a social consensus. The construction of corporate culture plays an important role in the strategic development of enterprises. In order to deeply bring out and give full play to the intrinsic value of corporate culture, accelerate the efficient implementation of Sam Group culture concept version 2.0, and help the rapid development of the Group, the Group’s HR department invited Wenbin Lan, deputy secretary of the Party branch, to hold an experience sharing seminar on the implementation of the corporate culture. Leaders of all departments and subsidiaries of the Group attended the seminar.

At the seminar, Wenbin Lan shared her recent experience of visiting a model enterprise whose ways of corporate culture implementation is worth learning from. Then, the participants discussed how to effectively implement the culture of Sam Group. Possible ways of implementation such as taking corporate culture video, organizing regular book sharing meeting, and other ways were mentioned during the seminar. Through the discussion, everyone realized that understanding the psychological needs of employees and innovating ideas continuously were the key factors of realizing the efficient implementation of the corporate culture.

Holding the seminar provided valuable experience for internalizing the Group culture in the mind and externalizing it in the action and also helped to build a "learning-oriented Sam Group". It helped everyone to further realize the intrinsic value of corporate culture, so as to accelerate communication and cooperation between various departments and subsidiaries, and to achieve the goal of building a Happy Sam which means to strive side by side to make a difference until old age